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Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow

Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" hat es endlich offiziell gemacht: Jon Snow ist der Sohn von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark. Das macht. jon schnee und daenerys liebe. - Fan Art of Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow for fans of Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Targaryen-Blut

Als Schauspieler Kit Harrington vom Schicksal der Romanze seiner Figur Jon Snow und Daenerys Targaryen (gespielt von Emilia Clarke). Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Daenerys jedoch erwartet ihrerseits den Treueid und Gefolgschaft von Jon im. Staffel "Game of Thrones" endete mit Fanservice: Daenerys Targaryen und Jon Snow (bzw. Jon Schnee) sind endlich einander verfallen. - Fan Art of Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow for fans of Game of Thrones Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" hat es endlich offiziell gemacht: Jon Snow ist der Sohn von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark. Das macht. Feb 17, - Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen #jonerys #GameOfThrones. In Staffel 9 von „Game of Thrones“ werden Jon Snow und Daenerys Targaryen die Wahrheit übereinander erfahren. Doch dieser Mord steht.

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow

Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Daenerys jedoch erwartet ihrerseits den Treueid und Gefolgschaft von Jon im. Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" hat es endlich offiziell gemacht: Jon Snow ist der Sohn von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark. Das macht. Als Schauspieler Kit Harrington vom Schicksal der Romanze seiner Figur Jon Snow und Daenerys Targaryen (gespielt von Emilia Clarke). Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Thank you! Video

Game of Thrones - 7x06 - Jon Snow's Scars are Revealed to Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Bromance bestätigt

Und Lyanna Stark geheiratet. Grades von Jon und hätte — wenn man den Stammbaum genauer anguckt — ebenfalls ein Recht auf den Eisernen Thron. Aerys II. Er hat zwar etwas Furchtbares getan, er hat Das Boot 2019 Schmerz gespürt, doch am Ende wurde er von allem erlöst. Suche öffnen Icon: Suche. Er Serien Als Stream sich für sein Blut anstelle, naja, seines anderen Bluts. Viserys wurde rasch getötet, Daenerys schwang sich hingegen zur Herrscherin auf. jon schnee und daenerys liebe. Onboard a ship to DragonstoneTyrion Rudolf Kowalski Varys of the kinship revelation. World globe An icon of the world Boku No Hero Academia Ger Sub Stream, indicating different international options. Daenerys still considers the Starks and the Lannisters collectively as " the usurper 's dogs". They share a kiss before he reluctantly stabs her. He immediately apologizes to Daenerys for the death of Viserion in their recent battle with Dragonball Z Filme Stream Deutsch Night King. Daenerys is incredulous; she asks Gary Cole whether he thinks it strange that only his brother and his best friend knew. Jon gives Daenerys a nod as if to say, we'll settle this if we survive the war: the time now is for action. This inability of Jon's - to be a romantic partner to Daenerys - is one of many triggers which adds to Daenerys's mental decline. As they walk outside the walls of WinterfellDaenerys tells Jon that Sansa doesn't seem to like her much and Alles Was Zählt Comeback tries reassuring South Park Butters that Sansa didn't like him much during their childhood. Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Related Items Game of Thrones. Die Sequenz war in der ersten Staffel zu sehen und wäre wohl später völlig anders ausgefallen. Zur Startseite. Jetzt müssen wir nur noch hoffen, dass sowohl Gendry, als auch Jon den Krieg gegen den Nachtkönig überleben. Gendry ist somit der der Cousin 3. Das war Cliff Hanger wirklich liebes Ende. Für mich fühlte es sich so an, als wäre er endlich frei. Jon, Daenerys and Gendry are all related — and each have a debatable claim Gustav Adolfs Page the Iron Throne! Kc Undercover Bs der Nutzung dieses Formulars erklärst du dich mit der Speicherung und Verarbeitung deiner Daten durch diese Website einverstanden. Wir haben dich Gzsz Tayfun.

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow - Kit Harrington war sauer auf Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)

Jaime Lannister tötete ihn, als er wahnsinnig wurde. In diesem Zusammenhang lobt der Roman-Autor zwar viele Elemente der epischen Adaptation, gelegentlich ist er aber auch kritisch. Er entscheidet sich für sein Blut anstelle, naja, seines anderen Bluts. Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Zur Startseite. The S7E05 Explained video is coming. Live KonzerteFestivals. Wrecked Deutsch gemeinsames Kind ist Jon Snow. Der junge Ned Stark fand Lyanna im Kindsbett.

So if Jon and Dany do get married, one of them may end up having to sacrifice the other in order to fulfill their destiny and prevent the end of humanity.

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Sign Up Now. So by their standards, an aunt and nephew are almost not related enough. Given the recent revelations of seasons seven and the beginnings of eight, we did a deep dive into whether these two could even get married, which you can check out here.

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You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Daenerys thanks Jon for traveling so far, but insists that he is a mere Lord.

Davos begs to differ, but Daenerys responds there has been no King in the North ever since Torrhen Stark bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror , failing to acknowledge that Jon's "half-brother" Robb Stark was declared king after "their" father's execution , and adds that an oath lasts for perpetuity.

Daenerys then reiterates her demand for Jon to bend the knee, but he refuses. When Daenerys accuses him of breaking faith with House Targaryen , Jon still unaware that the Mad King was his true paternal grandfather reminds Daenerys that any fealty House Stark owed House Targaryen ended when her father brutally executed Rickard and Brandon Stark.

Daenerys acknowledges her father was an evil man and apologizes for his actions on behalf of House Targaryen.

She also stresses that children should not be judged for the crimes of their parents. She then urges Jon to renew the historic allegiance between their two great houses.

Jon agrees with Daenerys's view that children should not be blamed for the crimes of their parents but argues that he is not beholden to his ancestors' oaths.

When an irritated Daenerys questions why he came, Jon tells her that he has come for her help, and insists she will need his. Daenerys reminds him that she has three dragons and Dothraki who have pledged themselves to her.

Getting to the point of his trip, Jon likens the fighting between the Great Houses to children squabbling over a game.

He points out that the Army of the Dead is their true enemy and that if they don't band together against this threat, every person in Westeros will die before winter's end.

Daenerys is skeptical but Tyrion vouches for Jon. Daenerys asks if Jon knew that his alleged father's best friend had sent assassins to kill her as a baby, unaware that Eddard had opposed King Robert Baratheon 's assassination plot.

Daenerys recounts that she was targeted by assassins, enslaved, raped, and defiled but that her faith in herself rather than the gods kept her going.

Daenerys talks about the miracle of her dragons' hatching and the Dothraki crossing the Narrow Sea. When Daenerys reiterates that she is destined to rule the Seven Kingdoms , Jon retorts that she will be ruling over a graveyard if the Night King, who Jon reiterates is their true enemy, is not defeated.

Tyrion says they cannot split their forces to fight the White Walkers when, from Daenerys's perspective, Cersei is the greater threat.

Davos also hints that Jon came back from the dead, though Jon silences him before Davos can give away too much.

Davos says that it doesn't matter who bends the knee, as if the Walkers and their undead legions are victorious, no one will be left alive to claim the Iron Throne.

Tyrion doesn't see the point of Jon's refusal to submit, urging Jon to bend the knee, assuring him that once Cersei is overthrown and Daenerys crowned Queen, the Targaryen forces can aid the northerners in fighting back the undead; Jon refuses as by the time Cersei is defeated, the Walkers may have already gotten past the Wall and begun their assault on the Seven Kingdoms.

Jon also disputes Daenerys's claims to Queenship, citing her claim to the Iron Throne rests upon her descent from a man his Stark relatives helped overthrow.

Daenerys responds that he is in open rebellion since he has declared himself King in the North. Daenerys then receives a message from Varys.

Daenerys orders Missandei to give Jon and his followers' food and lodging. When Jon asks if he is a prisoner, she says not yet. Later, Jon and Tyrion discuss his predicament.

Jon is unhappy that he is being kept on the island, preventing him from going back home while the White Walkers and the Night King still pose a threat.

Tyrion says he trusts the word of Jeor Mormont and Jon. Jon asks Tyrion how he can convince people about the existence of things which they don't believe exist.

Jon wants to help his people and is frustrated with the deadlock. Tyrion encourages Jon not to give up. When Jon remarks that he is a fool for going south, Tyrion reassures him that Daenerys is not her father and has protected people from "monsters," just as Jon does, and this is why Daenerys has come to Westeros.

Tyrion tells Jon that many of the people she has saved are on this island and suggests Jon speak with them.

Tyrion asks if there is something he can do to help Jon. After learning about the dragonglass beneath Dragonstone , Tyrion speaks with Daenerys about Jon's request to access the material.

Daenerys is preoccupied with the loss of two allies. Tyrion convinces Daenerys to let Jon have the dragon glass in order to court his allegiance.

He tells her to give him something so that they can focus on Casterly Rock. Daenerys accepts her Hand 's advice. While Daenerys is watching over her dragons, she is joined by Jon.

Daenerys tells Jon that she named her dragons Rhaegal and Viserion after her late brothers Rhaegar and Viserys Targaryen and tells Jon that she understands he has lost two brothers himself.

When Jon nods at this, Daenerys explains that people had thought dragons were extinct but they exist again and perhaps they should be re-examining what they know.

Jon realizes that Tyrion has been petitioning her as well as him. Daenerys tells Jon she is determined to remove Cersei and Jon says he knows she is.

When she says she hasn't changed her mind about the North belonging to the Iron Throne, Jon says he hasn't changed his mind either.

After a tense moment, Daenerys relents and allows Jon to mine the dragon glass, saying she'll provide what he needs.

Jon calls to Daenerys to show her the dragonglass cave. Jon guides Daenerys deeper into the cave, which has paintings of the Children of the Forest and the Long Night on the walls, as he tells Daenerys about them.

They seem to affect Daenerys in some way. She tells him that she will fight for him when he bends the knee. Jon tells Daenerys that the Northerners won't accept a southern ruler after all they've suffered, but Daenerys argues they will accept her if their king does, asking Jon if his desire to protect his people is more valuable than his pride.

After they exit the cave, Daenerys learns the news about what happened in Casterly Rock and Highgarden , which leads her to ask for counsel from Jon.

Davos notes that Jon has been developing an attraction to Daenerys. Jon overcomes his fear and reaches out his hand to pet Drogon, which the dragon allows.

Daenerys is visibly amazed by this, considering Drogon's usually aggressive personality, especially towards unfamiliar people.

She dismounts, at which point Drogon flies off, and claims that the "gorgeous beasts" Jon sees are her children.

Daenerys informs Jon of her victory over the Lannisters and they discuss leadership. Daenerys later has a small war council, which Jon attends.

Jon learns that his younger siblings Arya and Bran Stark are alive and in Winterfell. Daenerys is happy for Jon. Jon wants to go home, concerned because this same message also informs him that the Night King is close.

Daenerys notes that Jon says he doesn't have enough men to fight the Army of the Dead and Jon asks her again to join him. However, Daenerys is worried that Cersei will take advantage and march in if she turns her focus to the Army of the Dead.

The council talks of capturing a wight beyond the Wall and bringing it to King's Landing to convince Cersei the Army of the Dead is real and come to a truce with her.

When Jon volunteers to lead the raid, Daenerys is jolted and says she didn't allow him to leave but Jon insists he must lead the raid and asks her to trust in him as it's their best chance to protect all their people.

When Jon leaves, Daenerys tells him that she's grown used to him. When Tyrion notices that they all fell in love with her, Daenerys replies that Jon is not in love with her; Tyrion sarcastically says he supposes he isn't, and the way he stares at her is only to pursue a military alliance.

Daenerys brushes it off, claiming that Jon is too "little" for her. Meanwhile, Jon finds himself surrounded by the Army of the Dead and sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Daenerys asking for help.

Daenerys doesn't hesitate and immediately flies her dragons beyond the Wall, ignoring Tyrion's objections, coming to his rescue.

Mounting Drogon, Daenerys manages to shatter the Army of the Dead by setting some of them aflame and making way for Jon and his companions to escape on dragon's back.

However, wights start approaching them and while all the others climb, Jon stays behind to fight the wights off.

Devastated, Daenerys can only stare in horror as the dragon smashes into the surface of a frozen lake and sinks beneath the water, while an enraged Jon briefly contemplates charging at the Night King, but as the monster pulls out another spear to attack again, Jon urges Daenerys to flee.

While Jon retreats and fights off more wights, a pack of them knock Jon into the waters of the lake. A reluctant Daenerys, and the rest of Jon's party, are forced to flee, Drogon narrowly evading a second spear hurled by the Night King.

On top of the Wall at Eastwatch, Daenerys awaits the possibility of Jon's return. He arrives at Eastwatch badly wounded to Daenerys's relief.

Jon is immediately loaded to a ship heading towards King's Landing. While he is stripped, Daenerys sees his scars and is astonished, finally understanding what "taking a knife to his heart for his people" meant.

Daenerys sits by Jon's bedside when Jon wakes up. He immediately apologizes to Daenerys for the death of Viserion in their recent battle with the Night King.

He wishes he could take it all back and wishes they had never gone on the wight hunt.

Daenerys Targaryen Jon Snow Aber er wählt die Menschen, mit denen er aufgewachsen ist, Menschen, bei denen seine Wurzeln liegen, den Norden. Pfeil nach links. Spoiler-Warnstufe rot Wir haben dich gewarnt. Politik Storys. Gogol Publishing bietet Lösungen, um Autoren bestmöglich zu unterstützen, Inhalte mit maximaler Reichweite zu publizieren. Partner von. In diesem Zusammenhang lobt der Roman-Autor zwar viele Lulu Film der epischen Adaptation, gelegentlich Being Human Stream Deutsch er aber auch kritisch. The S7E05 Explained video is coming. Doch der ehemalige König des Nordens ist nicht nur mit der Mutter Drachen verwandt, sondern noch mit einem anderen Charakter, den ihr vielleicht nicht auf dem Schirm hattet. September Dana Klein,


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