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Country Musik

Vielleicht begann die Geschichte der Country Music an einem Tag des Für die Gegenwart der Country-Folk-Musik steht – neben Kacey. Country-Musik, kurz auch Country genannt, ist eine aus den USA stammende Musikrichtung, die Anfang des Jahrhunderts aus traditionellen Elementen der Volksmusik der europäischen Zuwanderervölker – insbesondere aus Irland und England –. Country Songs, Trucker Songs, Western Songs, Blues usw. Lieder im Country Music Stil & Western Music Stil.

Country Musik Tammy Wynette

Country-Musik, kurz auch Country genannt, ist eine aus den USA stammende Musikrichtung, die Anfang des Jahrhunderts aus traditionellen Elementen der Volksmusik der europäischen Zuwanderervölker – insbesondere aus Irland und England –. Country-Musik, kurz auch Country [ˈkʌntri] genannt, ist eine aus den USA stammende Musikrichtung, die Anfang des Jahrhunderts aus traditionellen. Kategorie:Country-Musik. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Hier bitte Artikel einordnen. Country Music ist eine der weltweit erfolgreichsten Musikrichtungen. In Europa verbindet man damit vielfach aber nur Cowboyhut und Western-. Country Songs, Trucker Songs, Western Songs, Blues usw. Lieder im Country Music Stil & Western Music Stil. Vielleicht begann die Geschichte der Country Music an einem Tag des Für die Gegenwart der Country-Folk-Musik steht – neben Kacey. Country Music im Radio. Treffer. Zeige mir. alles, nur Sender, nur Sendungen, nur Podcasts. Sortieren nach.

Country Musik

Country Songs, Trucker Songs, Western Songs, Blues usw. Lieder im Country Music Stil & Western Music Stil. Country Music im Radio. Treffer. Zeige mir. alles, nur Sender, nur Sendungen, nur Podcasts. Sortieren nach. Vielleicht begann die Geschichte der Country Music an einem Tag des Für die Gegenwart der Country-Folk-Musik steht – neben Kacey.

Country Musik Hank Williams

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Log in. Sign up. My Account. My Channels. Sign Up Already signed up? Featured Channel. The rise of the Nashville and Bakersfield Sounds, and the emergence of country legends.

Today's top Country hits in Canada, including both Canadian and American artists. Christian Country from yesterday and today, all with a positive message.

The work day is over, let's drain a couple cold ones! Party Country for your stay-at-home happy h A more "restrained" country soundtrack for productivity or relaxation.

This was a big year for Dolly Parton who hit 1 with three different singles - meanwhile Bobby Ba Programmed by Ryan McCall.

The great women of country music. Country musicians began recording boogie in , shortly after it had been played at Carnegie Hall , when Johnny Barfield recorded "Boogie Woogie".

The trickle of what was initially called hillbilly boogie, or okie boogie later to be renamed country boogie , became a flood beginning in late One notable release from this period was the Delmore Brothers ' "Freight Train Boogie", considered to be part of the combined evolution of country music and blues towards rockabilly.

The hillbilly boogie period lasted into the s and remains one of many subgenres of country into the 21st century.

That was the ordination of bluegrass music and how Bill Monroe came to be known as the "Father of Bluegrass. Red Foley , the biggest country star following World War II, had one of the first million-selling gospel hits " Peace in the Valley " and also sang boogie, blues and rockabilly.

In the post-war period, country music was called "folk" in the trades, and "hillbilly" within the industry. Another type of stripped down and raw music with a variety of moods and a basic ensemble of guitar, bass, dobro or steel guitar and later drums became popular, especially among poor whites in Texas and Oklahoma.

It became known as honky tonk and had its roots in Western swing and the ranchera music of Mexico and the border states, particularly Texas, together with the blues of the American South.

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys personified this music which has been described as "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, a little bit of black and a little bit of white Williams' influence in particular would prove to be enormous, inspiring many of the pioneers of rock and roll, [52] such as Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis , as well as Chuck Berry and Ike Turner , while providing a framework for emerging honky tonk talents like George Jones.

Webb Pierce was the top-charting country artist of the s, with 13 of his singles spending weeks at number one. He charted 48 singles during the decade; 31 reached the top ten and 26 reached the top four.

By the early s, a blend of Western swing, country boogie, and honky tonk was played by most country bands. Western music, influenced by the cowboy ballads, New Mexico , Texas country and Tejano music rhythms of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico , reached its peak in popularity in the late s, most notably with the song " El Paso ", first recorded by Marty Robbins in September Western music's influence would continue to grow within the country music sphere, Western musicians like Michael Martin Murphey , New Mexico music artists Al Hurricane and Antonia Apodaca , Tejano music performer Little Joe , and even folk revivalist John Denver , all first rose to prominence during this time.

This Western music influence largely kept the music of the folk revival and folk rock from influencing the country music genre much, despite the similarity in instrumentation and origins see, for instance, the Byrds ' negative reception during their appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

The main concern was largely political: most folk revival was largely driven by progressive activists, a stark contrast to the culturally conservative audiences of country music.

Only a handful of folk artists, such as Burl Ives and Canadian musician Gordon Lightfoot , would cross over into country music after the folk revival died out.

During the mids a new style of country music became popular, eventually to be referred to as rockabilly. In , the first all-country radio station was established in Lubbock, Texas.

As country radio became more popular, trucking songs like the hit song Six Days on the Road by Dave Dudley began to make up their own subgenre of country.

These revamped songs sought to portray American truckers as a "new folk hero", marking a significant shift in sound from earlier country music.

The song was written by actual truckers and contained numerous references to the trucker culture of the time like "ICC" for Interstate Commerce Commission and "little white pills" as a reference to amphetamines.

Rockabilly was most popular with country fans in the s; one of the first rock and roll superstars was former Western yodeler Bill Haley , who repurposed his Four Aces of Western Swing into a rockabilly band in the early s and renamed it the Comets.

Rockabilly was an early form of rock and roll , an upbeat combination of blues and country music. The program showcased top stars including several rockabilly artists, some from the Ozarks.

As Webb Pierce put it in , "Once upon a time, it was almost impossible to sell country music in a place like New York City. Nowadays, television takes us everywhere, and country music records and sheet music sell as well in large cities as anywhere else.

The Country Music Association was founded in , in part because numerous country musicians were appalled by the increased influence of rock and roll on country music.

Beginning in the mids, and reaching its peak during the early s, the Nashville sound turned country music into a multimillion-dollar industry centered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Under the direction of producers such as Chet Atkins , Bill Porter , Paul Cohen , Owen Bradley , Bob Ferguson , and later Billy Sherrill , the sound brought country music to a diverse audience and helped revive country as it emerged from a commercially fallow period.

This subgenre was notable for borrowing from s pop stylings: a prominent and smooth vocal, backed by a string section violins and other orchestral strings and vocal chorus.

Instrumental soloing was de-emphasized in favor of trademark "licks". The "slip note" piano style of session musician Floyd Cramer was an important component of this style.

By the mids, the genre had developed into countrypolitan. Countrypolitan was aimed straight at mainstream markets, and it sold well throughout the later s into the early s.

In , Ray Charles surprised the pop world by turning his attention to country and western music, topping the charts and rating number three for the year on Billboard's pop chart [63] with the " I Can't Stop Loving You " single, and recording the landmark album Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

It relied on electric instruments and amplification, in particular the Telecaster electric guitar, more than other subgenres of the country music of the era, and it can be described as having a sharp, hard, driving, no-frills, edgy flavor—hard guitars and honky-tonk harmonies.

Ken Nelson , who had produced Owens and Haggard and Rose Maddox became interested in the trucking song subgenre following the success of Six Days on the Road and asked Red Simpson to record an album of trucking songs.

Haggard's White Line Fever was also part of the trucking subgenre. The country music scene of the s until the s was largely dominated by Western music influences, so much so that the genre began to be called "Country and Western".

West of the Mississippi river , many of these Western genres continue to flourish, including the Red Dirt of Oklahoma , [69] New Mexico music of New Mexico , [70] and both Texas country music and Tejano music of Texas.

As Outlaw country music emerged as subgenre in its own right, Red Dirt, New Mexico, Texas country, and Tejano grew in popularity as a part of the Outlaw country movement.

Originating in the bars, fiestas, and honky-tonks of Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, their music supplemented outlaw country's singer-songwriter tradition as well as future rock -inspired alternative country and hip hop -inspired country rap artists.

Example of cowboy hat and cowboy boots , two prominent components of country music fashion. Painting of a cowboy singing by Thomas Eakins Bob Childers performing Red dirt in Okemah, Oklahoma Al Hurricane and Al Hurricane Jr.

Derived from the traditional Western, including Red Dirt , New Mexico , Texas country , Tejano , and honky-tonk musical styles of the late s and s. Songs such as the Johnny Cash popularized " Ring of Fire " show clear influences from the likes of Al Hurricane and Little Joe , this influence just happened to culminate with artists such as Ray Price whose band, the "Cherokee Cowboys", included Willie Nelson and Roger Miller and mixed with the anger of an alienated subculture of the nation during the period, outlaw country revolutionized the genre of country music.

Waylon and I had that outlaw image going, and when it caught on at colleges and we started selling records, we were O.

The whole outlaw thing, it had nothing to do with the music, it was something that got written in an article, and the young people said, 'Well, that's pretty cool.

The Outlaws. Country pop or soft pop, with roots in the countrypolitan sound, folk music, and soft rock , is a subgenre that first emerged in the s.

Although the term first referred to country music songs and artists that crossed over to top 40 radio, country pop acts are now more likely to cross over to adult contemporary music.

Thomas , the Bellamy Brothers , and Linda Ronstadt having hits on the country charts. In response George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Jean Shepard and other traditional Nashville country artists dissatisfied with the new trend formed the short-lived "Association of Country Entertainers" in ; the ACE soon unraveled in the wake of Jones and Wynette's bitter divorce and Shepard's realization that most others in the industry lacked her passion for the movement.

During the mids, Dolly Parton , a successful mainstream country artist since the late s, mounted a high-profile campaign to cross over to pop music, culminating in her hit " Here You Come Again ", which topped the U.

Parton's male counterpart, Kenny Rogers , came from the opposite direction, aiming his music at the country charts, after a successful career in pop, rock and folk music with the First Edition , achieving success the same year with " Lucille ", which topped the country charts and reached No.

Parton and Rogers would both continue to have success on both country and pop charts simultaneously, well into the s. Artists like Crystal Gayle , Ronnie Milsap and Barbara Mandrell would also find success on the pop charts with their records.

In , author Paul Hemphill stated in the Saturday Evening Post , "Country music isn't really country anymore; it is a hybrid of nearly every form of popular music in America.

During the early s, country artists continued to see their records perform well on the pop charts. Newton's "Queen of Hearts" almost reached No.

Country rock is a genre that started in the s but became prominent in the s. Described by AllMusic as the "father of country-rock", [87] Gram Parsons' work in the early s was acclaimed for its purity and for his appreciation for aspects of traditional country music.

Subsequent to the initial blending of the two polar opposite genres, other offspring soon resulted, including Southern rock , heartland rock and in more recent years, alternative country.

In , a style of "neocountry disco music" was popularized by the film Urban Cowboy , [89] which also included more traditional songs such as " The Devil Went Down to Georgia " by the Charlie Daniels Band.

As with most sudden trends, however, by sales had dropped below figures. Truck driving country music is a genre of country music [91] and is a fusion of honky-tonk , country rock and the Bakersfield sound.

During the mids, a group of new artists began to emerge who rejected the more polished country-pop sound that had been prominent on radio and the charts, in favor of more, traditional, "back-to-basics" production.

Many of the artists during the latter half of the s drew on traditional honky-tonk, bluegrass, folk and western swing.

Beginning in , a confluence of events brought an unprecedented commercial boom to country music. New marketing strategies were used to engage fans, powered by technology that more accurately tracked the popularity of country music, and boosted by a political and economic climate that focused attention on the genre.

Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" in particular attracted fans with his fusion of neotraditionalist country and stadium rock. Other artists such as Brooks and Dunn "Boot Scootin' Boogie" also combined conventional country with slick, rock elements, while Lorrie Morgan , Mary Chapin Carpenter , and Kathy Mattea updated neotraditionalist styles.

Country music was aided by the U. Federal Communications Commission 's FCC Docket 80—90, which led to a significant expansion of FM radio in the s by adding numerous higher-fidelity FM signals to rural and suburban areas.

At this point, country music was mainly heard on rural AM radio stations; the expansion of FM was particularly helpful to country music, which migrated to FM from the AM band as AM became overcome by talk radio the country music stations that stayed on AM developed the classic country format for the AM audience.

At the same time, beautiful music stations already in rural areas began abandoning the format leading to its effective demise to adopt country music as well.

This wider availability of country music led to producers seeking to polish their product for a wider audience.

In , Billboard , which had published a country music chart since the s, changed the methodology it used to compile the chart: singles sales were removed from the methodology, and only airplay on country radio determined a song's place on the chart.

In the s, country music became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to Garth Brooks , [97] [98] [99] who enjoyed one of the most successful careers in popular music history, breaking records for both sales and concert attendance throughout the decade.

Toby Keith began his career as a more pop-oriented country singer in the s, evolving into an outlaw persona in the late s with Pull My Chain and its follow-up, Unleashed.

Their debut album Wide Open Spaces went on to become certified 12x platinum while their album Fly went on to become 10x platinum.

After their third album, Home , was released in , the band made political news in part because of lead singer Natalie Maines 's comments disparaging then-President George W.

Bush while the band was overseas Maines stated that she and her bandmates were ashamed to be from the same state as Bush, who had just commenced the Iraq War a few days prior.

The comments caused a rift between the band and the country music scene, and the band's fourth and most recent album, 's Taking the Long Way , took a more rock-oriented direction; the album was commercially successful overall among non-country audiences but largely ignored among country audiences.

After Taking the Long Way , the band broke up for a decade with two of its members continuing as the Court Yard Hounds before reuniting in and releasing new material in Shania Twain became the best selling female country artist of the decade.

The album became a major worldwide phenomenon and became one of the world's best selling albums of , and ; it also went on to become the best selling country album of all time.

Unlike the majority of her contemporaries, Twain enjoyed large international success that had been seen by very few country artists, before or after her.

Critics have noted that Twain enjoyed much of her success due to breaking free of traditional country stereotypes and for incorporating elements of rock and pop into her music.

In , she released her successful fourth studio album, titled Up! Twain has been credited with breaking international boundaries for country music, as well as inspiring many country artists to incorporate different genres into their music in order to attract a wider audience.

She is also credited with changing the way in which many female country performers would market themselves, as unlike many before her she used fashion and her sex appeal to get rid of the stereotypical ' honky-tonk ' image the majority of country singers had in order to distinguish herself from many female country artists of the time.

In the early-mids, country western music was influenced by the popularity of line dancing. This influence was so great that Chet Atkins was quoted as saying, "The music has gotten pretty bad, I think.

It's all that damn line dancing. In contrast, artists such as Don Williams and George Jones who had more or less had consistent chart success through the s and s suddenly had their fortunes fall rapidly around when the new chart rules took effect.

Country influences combined with Punk rock and alternative rock to forge the " cowpunk " scene in Southern California during the s, which included bands such as the Long Ryders , Lone Justice and the Beat Farmers , as well as the established punk group X , whose music had begun to include country and rockabilly influences.

Artists from outside California who were associated with early alternative country included singer-songwriters such as Lucinda Williams , Lyle Lovett and Steve Earle , the Nashville country rock band Jason and the Scorchers and the British post-punk band the Mekons.

Earle, in particular, was noted for his popularity with both country and college rock audiences: He promoted his debut album Guitar Town with a tour that saw him open for both country singer Dwight Yoakam and alternative rock band the Replacements.

These early styles had coalesced into a genre by the time the Illinois group Uncle Tupelo released their influential debut album No Depression in Although Wilco's sound had moved away from country and towards indie rock by the time they released their critically acclaimed album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in , they have continued to be an influence on later alt-country artists.

Despite the genre's growing popularity in the s, '90s and s, alternative country and neo-traditionalist artists saw minimal support from country radio in those decades, despite strong sales and critical acclaim for albums such as the soundtrack to the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

In the s, the alt-country genre saw an increase in its critical and commercial popularity, owing to the success of artists such as the Civil Wars , Chris Stapleton , Sturgill Simpson , Jason Isbell , Lydia Loveless and Margo Price.

In , Kacey Musgraves — a country artist who had gained a following with indie rock fans and music critics despite minimal airplay on country radio — won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for her album Golden Hour.

Richard Marx crossed over with his Days in Avalon album, which features five country songs and several singers and musicians.

Kid Rock 's collaboration with Sheryl Crow , " Picture ," was a major crossover hit in and began Kid Rock's transition from hard rock to a country-rock hybrid that would later produce another major crossover hit, 's " All Summer Long.

Singer-songwriter Unknown Hinson became famous for his appearance in the Charlotte television show Wild, Wild, South , after which Hinson started his own band and toured in southern states.

Other rock stars who featured a country song on their albums were Don Henley who released Cass County in , an album which featured collaborations with numerous country artists and Poison.

Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts , became the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history, the fastest-selling debut country album in the history of the SoundScan era and the best-selling country album of the last 10 years, being ranked by Billboard as the 1 Country Album of the — decade.

She has also become the female country artist with the most number one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in the Nielsen SoundScan era —present , having 14 No.

In , Underwood won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist , becoming only the second Country artist in history and the first in a decade to win it.

She also made history by becoming the seventh woman to win Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards , and the first woman in history to win the award twice, as well as twice consecutively.

Time has listed Underwood as one of the most influential people in the world. In , Underwood topped the Country Airplay chart for the 15th time, becoming the female artist with most number ones on that chart.

Carrie Underwood was one of several country stars produced by a television series in the s. Can You Duet?

Teen sitcoms also have influenced modern country music; in , actress Jennette McCurdy best known as the sidekick Sam on the teen sitcom iCarly released her first single, "So Close", following that with the single " Generation Love " in One of the most commercially successful country artists of the late s and early s has been singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Swift first became widely known in when her debut single, " Tim McGraw ," was released when Swift was only In , Swift released her self-titled debut studio album , which spent weeks on Billboard , one of the longest runs of any album on that chart.

In , Taylor Swift released her second studio album, Fearless , which made her the second longest number-one charted on Billboard and the second best-selling album just behind Adele 's 21 within the past 5 years.

At the Grammys , Taylor Swift was 20 and won Album of the Year for Fearless , which made her the youngest artist to win this award. Swift has received ten Grammys already.

Buoyed by her teen idol status among girls and a change in the methodology of compiling the Billboard charts to favor pop-crossover songs, Swift's single " We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together " spent the most weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot chart and Hot Country Songs chart of any song in nearly five decades.

The song's long run at the top of the chart was somewhat controversial, as the song is largely a pop song without much country influence and its success on the charts driven by a change to the chart's criteria to include airplay on non-country radio stations, prompting disputes over what constitutes a country song; many of Swift's later releases, such as album , Reputation , and Lover were released solely to pop audiences.

The September 11 attacks of and the economic recession helped move country music back into the spotlight. Many country artists, such as Alan Jackson with his ballad on terrorist attacks, " Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning ", wrote songs that celebrated the military, highlighted the gospel, and emphasized home and family values over wealth.

Alt-Country singer Ryan Adams song " New York, New York " pays tribute to New York City, and its popular music video which was shot 4 days before the attacks shows Adams playing in front of the Manhattan skyline, Along with several shots of the city.

In contrast, more rock-oriented country singers took more direct aim at the attacks' perpetrators; Toby Keith's " Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue The Angry American " threatened to "a boot in" the posterior of the enemy, while Charlie Daniels's " This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag " promised to "hunt" the perpetrators "down like a mad dog hound.

In the early s, " bro-country ", a genre noted primarily for its themes on drinking and partying, girls, and pickup trucks became particularly popular.

Bluegrass Country is a genre that contain songs about going through hard times, country loving, and telling stories. Some may claim that his music is from the heart and you can feel what he is singing.

The genre has developed in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area. It is called bluegrass because of the type of grass that is in this area.

In an effort to combat the over-reliance of mainstream country music on pop-infused artists, the sister genre of americana began to gain popularity and increase in prominence, receiving eight Grammy categories of its own in As a result of an increasingly pop-leaning mainstream, many more traditional-sounding artists such as Tyler Childers and Old Crow Medicine Show began to associate themselves more with americana and the alternative country scene where their sound was more celebrated.

Similarly, many established country acts who no longer received commercial airplay including Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett began to flourish in americana.

In the mid to late s, country music began to increasingly sound more like the style of modern-day Pop music. With more simple and repetitive lyrics, more electronic-based instrumentation, and experimentation with "talk-singing" and rap, pop-country pulled farther away from the traditional sounds of country music and received criticisms from country music purists while gaining in popularity with mainstream audiences.

Australian country music has a long tradition. Influenced by American country music, it has developed a distinct style, shaped by British and Irish folk ballads and Australian bush balladeers like Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson.

Country instruments, including the guitar, banjo , fiddle and harmonica, create the distinctive sound of country music in Australia and accompany songs with strong storyline and memorable chorus.

Folk songs sung in Australia between the s and s, based around such themes as the struggle against government tyranny , or the lives of bushrangers , swagmen , drovers , stockmen and shearers , continue to influence the genre.

This strain of Australian country, with lyrics focusing on Australian subjects, is generally known as "bush music" or " bush band music".

The lyrics were composed by the poet Banjo Paterson in Later themes which endure to the present include the experiences of war, of droughts and flooding rains, of Aboriginality and of the railways and trucking routes which link Australia's vast distances.

Author Andrew Smith delivers a through research and engaged view of Tex Morton's life and his impact on the country music scene in Australia in the s and s.

Buddy Williams — was the first Australian-born to record country music in Australia in the late s and was the pioneer of a distinctly Australian style of country music called the bush ballad that others such as Slim Dusty would make popular in later years.

At the end of the war, Williams would go on to operate some of the largest travelling tent rodeo shows Australia has ever seen.

In , Dawson began a radio show and went on to national stardom as a singing cowboy of radio, TV and film. Slim Dusty — was known as the "King of Australian Country Music" and helped to popularise the Australian bush ballad.

His successful career spanned almost six decades, and his hit " A Pub with No Beer " was the biggest-selling record by an Australian to that time, and with over seven million record sales in Australia he is the most successful artist in Australian musical history.

Dusty's wife Joy McKean penned several of his most popular songs. Chad Morgan , who began recording in the s, has represented a vaudeville style of comic Australian country; Frank Ifield achieved considerable success in the early s, especially in the UK Singles Charts and Reg Lindsay was one of the first Australians to perform at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry in Singer-songwriter Paul Kelly , whose music style straddles folk, rock and country, is often described as the poet laureate of Australian music.

The crossover influence of Australian country is also evident in the music of successful contemporary bands the Waifs and the John Butler Trio.

Nick Cave has been heavily influenced by the country artist Johnny Cash. Il bluegrass porta avanti la tradizione della vecchia String Band Music, eseguita da gruppi musicali composti solamente da strumenti a corda, e fu inventata, nella sua forma pura, da Bill Monroe.

La prima incisione con la formazione classica fu fatta nel Bill Monroe voce e mandolino, Lester Flatt voce e chitarra , Earl Scruggs al banjo 5 corde, Chubby Wise al violino e Cedric Rainwater al contrabbasso.

Monroe ha influenzato anche artisti come Ricky Skaggs , Alison Krauss , Rhonda Vincent e Sam Bush che propongono la tradizione del folk e della ballata nello stile bluegrass.

Tra le poche star di colore della musica country, spiccano Deford Bailey e Charley Pride. Nonostante quest'ultimo avesse vinto un Grammy Award nel con la canzone Just Between You and Me , la sua carriera non fu facile.

D'altra parte, anche nelle canzoni dei musicisti di colore come Ray Charles e Keb'Mo' sono rintracciabili delle ispirazioni country.

Durante gli anni sessanta, la country music divenne una industria, centrata a Nashville nel Tennessee , capace di fruttare milioni di dollari.

Agli assoli strumentali fu data secondaria importanza per dar spazio a fraseggi e abbellimenti caratteristici. I suoni all'apparenza poco particolari che provenivano da Nashville sotto l'influenza di Chet Atkins e dei suoi colleghi produttori suscitarono la reazione dei musicisti fuori Nashville, che pensavano ci fosse ben altro nel genere country che non "le solite vecchie arie con il violino e la chitarra…" Waylon Jennings.

Nella Nashville degli anni ottanta, Randy Travis , Ricky Skaggs e altri proposero un ritorno ai valori tradizionali. La Capitol Records fece piazza pulita di quasi tutti i suoi artisti country negli anni sessanta.

I due filoni della musica country hanno proseguito il loro sviluppo fino agli anni novanta. Scripps Company. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Commento : In tutta la pagina sono assenti note e riferimenti bibliografici.

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Relaxing Country Music - Relaxing Country Playlist 2019 Ende der er macht Taylor Swift noch seichten Teenie-Country und kommt damit vor allem bei jungen Frauen sehr gut an. Und unterschrieb er bei Epic. Ein unorthodoxes Serien Stream Walking Dead 9. Heutzutage sind bei Taylor Swift eher poppige Töne angesagt. Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Die Neo-Traditionalisten leiten eine Gegenbewegung ein. In MemphisTennessee entsteht der Rockabilly. Das mit Satan und der Hölle. Ein erbärmliches, drogeninduziertes Ende war es, so viel scheint sicher. Ende der er macht Taylor Swift noch seichten Teenie-Country und kommt damit vor allem bei jungen Frauen sehr gut an. Hits wie "Hello Darlin'" machten ihn zu einem Star der Branche. Heute wirbt die Grande Dame mit Konzerten um Spenden für die kostenintensive Instandhaltung ihres Vergnügungsparks Dollywood und die noch kostenintensivere Instandhaltung ihrer körperlichen Fassade. Auf dem Cover ist ein Foto des Knirpses abgebildet. Mit 63? Michael Madsen ehemals traditionalistische Bluegrass-Combo machte sich Erin Hayes neuen Ufern auf, Bohemian Rhapsody Film Dvd die Beatles und erweiterte ihren Stil zu etwas, das man später Americana nennen sollte. Landleben Ernst Kahl Weltabkehr. Gibson war ein schüchterner Mann und ein verlässlicher Songschreiber, die Einsamkeit sein Thema. Country-Musik, kurz auch Country [ a{text-decoration:none​}ˈkʌntri] genannt, ist eine aus den USA stammende Musikrichtung, die Anfang. Alle Country Radiosender jetzt kostenlos hören auf Country Radio – Radiosender mit der Musikrichtung Country. Country Berlin Das Herz der Country-Musik schlägt in Amerika, im Süden der USA. Kentucky und.

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John Denver, Alan Jackson, George Strait Best Of - Best Country Songs Of All Time Country Musik Country Musik Man kann den leicht überproduzierten Achtziger-Sound beklagen. Country SquareRadio. Rang 3. Jahrhunderts aus traditionellen Elementen der Volksmusik William Mapother europäischen Zuwanderervölker — insbesondere aus Irland und England — hervorging. Weitere Bedeutungen sind unter Country Begriffsklärung Hörzu Tv Heute. Retrieved 22 April University of Kentucky Press. Archived from the original on 7 August As a result of an increasingly pop-leaning mainstream, many more traditional-sounding artists such as Tyler Childers and Old Crow Medicine Show began to associate themselves more with americana and the alternative country scene where their sound was more celebrated. Please help improve this article by adding citations to Adam Sucht Eva Blanco sources.


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